Mariam Delgado is a woman with a heart to serve. Her passion for helping others led her to found Yo Soy Más, a women’s movement that aims to create a community where they can recognize that their future and purpose are not based on their past or present circumstances. Annually she leads her renowned international conference I am more where thousands of women are transformed through teachings and workshops. In addition, thanks to its foundation “Seeds of Life”, it assists others who are victims of domestic violence.


Barbara is a mother, wife, daughter and celebrity. She is recognized as a visionary, leader, reliable voice and risk-taking who is driven by her love, by family, and community. An award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized On-air Latino talents. she hosted First Impact for 14 consecutive years, building a unique connection with her audience, reaching more than 20 million viewers per week in the United States and Latin America. In 2011, Barbara was selected from the 13 most influential Latinos in the United States. It is a great honor to have the support that Barbara Bermudo gives us in this movement


She is a pastor, a teacher, an international evangelist, an inspirational woman, called of God. Known for bringing a message of life, restoration and hope to nations. Planted on the rock, unstoppable and focused on fulfilling the design, drawn by the Lord for his life. She’s a mother and a mentor. She is the national director of the ministry of professionals and technicians of the Church of God in the Dominican Republic. Where she has also been a member of the board of directors and teacher of the biblical seminary. She is the founder of the international ministry breath of life and general manager of the “Daré Consulting” Christian leadership training and training center.


After having great success in leadership the corporate world, Nicole Crank gave up that life to answer the call to help others. Through her dynamic, powerful and practical speech, Nicole has helped thousands of people overcome their obstacles and live the life that was created for her before the beginning of time. Overcoming the statistical odds of adoption, sexual abuse and marriage abuse that lead to divorce, Nicole is allowing God to turn what should have been her tombstone into her trampoline. Nicole Crank and her husband David are the founders and principal pastors of, bloggers and authors, with four church campuses in St. Louis, Missouri and two campuses in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. The church has been recognized as Outreach Magazine’s 53rd largest church in the United States in 2017 and was the 31st fastest growing church according to Outreach Magazine in 2014. Faith Church is now ranked as one of the 10 most influential churches in the United States by Newsmax magazine.


Andrea Hoyos, a 24-year-old Venezuelan, has been listed as one of the most influential DJS in her country and in Latin America. At the age of 22, God knocked on the door of his heart and showed him the purpose in his life. Reach souls for Christ through music. Andrea Hoyos, being one of the very few DJS of Christian music has achieved internationalization playing in countries such as Venezuela, Panama, Aruba, Colombia and the United States where she currently resides. Andrea is currently certified by the New York Academy of Artists as an international artist sponsored by the company “Entre Cielos Producciones” and the youth ministry dedicated to the production of events.