About Us

We are a community of women of all walks of life, professions and lifestyles; empowering and encouraging one another to do more and be more.

We are a movement that is designed for women by women, with the purpose of activating the power that is within each one of us, to birth dreams and accomplish goals that are beyond what each of us could imagine.
Each one of us possesses potential that has the ability to change the world around us and the lives within it.
It is time to unite and be more than you believe you can be, more than what your mind can conceive; because together we are more.


Mariam Delgado

Mariam Delgado is woman with a heart to serve. Her passion for helping others inspired her to found “I Am More”, a women’s movement with the objective to create a community where they can know and understand that their future and purpose are not based on their past or present circumstances.Annually, she leads her international “I Am More” (Yo Soy Más) Conference where thousands of women are transformed through teachings and workshops. Additionally, through her foundation, “Seeds of Life”, helps high risk youth and women experiencing domestic violence.
“The woman must know that she was created unique and special, with a specific purpose for her life.” – Mariam Delgado


Barbara Bermudo

Barbara is mother, wife, daughter and celebrity. She is known as a visionary, leader, trustworthy voice and risktaker who is motivated by her love for her family and community. An award-winning journalist and highly recognized Hispanic on-air talent, she was host of “Primer Impacto” for 14 consecutive years, building a unique connection with her audience, reaching more than 20 million viewers in the United States and Latin America. In 2011, Barbara was selected among the Top 13 most influential Latinas in the United States. It is an honor to count on Barbara Bermudo’s support in this movement.